What's So Good About a Good Bench?


There's nothing quite like a good bench.  It freely gives, readily welcomes, and offers the extraordinary opportunity to receive something good. Essentially the goodness from life and from people. Call it a blessing of sorts. It’s a way to signal that we are present and available to listen and to learn.  Willing to refrain from life's distractions to engage and connect and to simply be.

The Good Bench Company was founded on this principle. Our goal is to provide goods that speak to the goodness of life, where community can happen, where conversations are rich, dreams are ignited, and simply where the thirst for rest and reflection can be quenched.    


So what's so good about a good bench?  When searching for a good bench, you might want to consider these 5 criteria:

  1. PURPOSE: What purpose will it fulfill?  Will it help me to entertain, relax, read, talk, beautify, or fill a space in or around my home. Regardless of the reason or reasons, name it as it drives your decision to choosing the right bench for you and/or your family.


  1. PLACE: Will I use it indoors or outdoors or some combination of both?


  1. PERSONALITY: What style am I going for?  Modern, Rustic, or Traditional.


  1. PROPORTION: What size do I need?  Seating for 1-2 people, or 3 or more people? 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches wide or larger? Or something in between?


  1. PREFERRED MATERIALS: What specific materials do I prefer? Wood, Recycled Poly Lumber, Metal, Aluminum, Concrete, Wrought Iron, Teak, or Ipe.  All of these quality materials have their inherent beauty and advantages as well as unique shortcomings.  However, keep in mind a shortcoming is simply a hindrance that can be worked around and not often a deal breaker in your selection.


    Once you have a summary of your ideal bench, you are on your way to experiencing the goodness of a good bench.  Shop online at The Good Bench Company for a beautiful selection of quality benches. Or let us know how we can help at info@goodbenchcompany.com.  You can email us a picture of the space you're considering and we'd be happy to provide you a few options to explore.  It would be our pleasure to assist you!