Outdoor Bench Gliders: Cost, Size, Shape, And Colors

Sharing an outdoor seating space with a loved one is a great way to spend your time. Outdoor bench gliders allow 2 people to be seated and enjoy a smooth rocking motion. It’s perfect for gardens and other outdoor spaces where people can relax.

Choosing the best outdoor glider chair means you need to consider the cost, size, shape, and colors. With careful consideration, you’ll end up with a seating solution that allows you to relax. Keep reading to determine the best outdoor bench glider for your requirements.

What is your budget?

The glider quality depends on the price range you’re looking at. Premium gliders have better movement mechanisms, higher quality material, and longer-lasting durability. However, you don’t have to buy the most expensive gliders for a great sitting experience.

You can save money by choosing a simple design and a basic wood type. Some models jump in price considerably when choosing a wood that’s from the premium category. In most cases, there is no durability upgrade and the visuals are similar too.

Also, don’t choose the cheapest bench gliders on the market, because you get what you pay. Features such as mold and mildew resistance may not be available for cheaper models. Therefore, you’ll end up throwing your glider away sooner, which means you need to purchase a replacement model. In the long turn, purchasing multiple cheaper gilders can be expensive.


Most outdoor bench gliders are only big enough to accommodate 2 people. Therefore, there aren’t many sizing considerations to think about. However, there are a few that will come in handy during the buying process:

  • Seat width

To have a comfortable sitting experience, choose a width that’s just right for your body. Too wide and it might be hard to bend your legs over the edge of the seat. It means your legs will hang in the air, so you’ll need a floor rest. However, if you have long legs, then a wide seat might be better to achieve an ergonomic sitting position.

  • Armrest

Sitting comfortably at the corner for your outdoor glider requires wide armrests. It means you can comfortably place your arms and rest your shoulder on the armrest. Also, if it’s wide enough, you can place items such as a drink, plate, or a book. Some gliders come with an extended armrest section that’s designed to provide storage space. It’s ideal for placing your snacks and drinks.

  • Floor space

Figure out how much floor space the outdoor gliders take up and the available space in your garden. Read the product description to figure out the length and width of the glider. Then measure out the same plot of land in your garden. It will allow you to see what size bench is a good choice. You’ll want to take these steps if you have limited space in your garden.


The outdoor bench glider shape determines that visual aesthetics. You may want to go with rounded or sharp edges. It’s a choice that will be based on your preferences and the outdoor furniture in your garden.

Overall, the shape of most gliders will be similar because of the product’s nature. It’s a 2 seater rectangular-shaped piece of outdoor furniture. You won’t find too much variety, so other features will be the deciding factor.


Are you in the process of selecting the right outdoor bench glider color? It’s an important consideration that must be part of the buying process. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to color selection:

  • Does it blend in?

Choose greens and light colors if you want the outdoor furniture to blend in with the garden surroundings. For example, the natural colors of this Sister Bay Furniture glider allow for a natural look.

Garden furniture that blends in contributes to a natural look that doesn’t take away from the beauty of a garden location. However, it’s a subjective choice based on customer preferences.

  • Bright colors

Choose a brightly colored glider if you want it to stand out in your garden or other outdoor areas. The color you choose will be a personal preference, but don’t ignore the surroundings. For example, coordinating the colors with other furniture is a smart idea.

  • Maintenance

Consider the maintenance required to clean specific colors. Light colors such as white and cream may be more prone to getting dirty. Dark colors will get dirty too but won’t be as visible. Therefore, you should select darker colors if you don’t want to clean the outdoor furniture frequently. Weathering effects will add dirt to your outdoor furniture no matter how much maintenance you carry out.

3 Other Buying Factors

We have covered the main outdoor glider buying factors that will help you choose the best model. However, there are more buying factors to consider for getting a great deal. Taking time to consider every buying factor contributes to a more enjoyable sitting experience.

1.   Durability

Consider the furniture durability to ensure you don’t receive a unit that wears out shortly after purchase. Inspect the warranty information to see what damage coverage is provided. Manufacturers offer long warranty deals for products they are confident about.

Look for material types that are weather resistant. You can find units that are suitable for heavy rain, wind, salt spray, and bright sunlight. Also, look for gliders that are mildew and mold resistant.

2.   Customer reviews

Most websites display customer reviews that provide insight into the experiences of other buyers. It’s a good idea to read customer reviews to determine the pros and cons. However, don’t add too much weight to individual reviews. Make conclusions when you notice several reviews sharing the same experience.

3.   Weight

Weight won’t be an issue if you plan on leaving the outdoor furniture in the same spot. However, lighter outdoor wood glider benches are preferable when moving them frequently. For example, let’s say you want to move the bench based on where the sunlight is coming from. This might be required daily depending on when you go outdoors.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right bench glider ensures you’ll have a pleasant sitting experience in your outdoor area. The most important buying factors are cost, size, shape, color, and durability. You’ll buy the best outdoor bench glider when each of these factors is considered.

Buying a beautifully crafted glider  provides a welcoming space in your garden where you can read, enjoy a meal, or take a break. It’s the perfect private gateway that will transform the way you enjoy your garden.  

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