5 Steps to Clean Your Black Leather Bench

Black leather benches are a great addition to any garden that provides a luxurious sitting experience. They are comfortable and look great among other garden furniture. However, keeping them clean requires regular maintenance that’s simple to complete with household items.

Cleaning your black leather bench takes no more than 10-15 minutes and minimal effort. In this 5 step leather furniture cleaning guide, you’ll learn how to complete the process from start to finish. Do you own black leather furniture that’s looking worn out? Then keep on reading for time-saving insights that will dramatically upgrade the look of your bench. 

5 steps for cleaning your black leather bench

1.   Get the materials

Start by gathering the materials you’ll need to complete the cleaning process. Getting everything you need before starting will help you finish cleaning faster. Most people reading this article will already have these items around the house. If not, they are inexpensive and found at any shopping mall. Here are the items to use:

  •         Cotton swab
  •         Rag
  •         bucket
  •         Rubbing alcohol
  •         Soft cloth
  •         Leather cream
  •         Water
  •         Soap

You may need to buy some of these items, but most are probably already in your home. This lineup allows you to clean outdoor leather benches that look dirty and have difficult stains. Also, consider getting a vacuum cleaner if there is a large buildup of dust.

2.   Remove the dust

Start by removing dust from the leather furniture before using water or applying alcohol. The furniture design will determine how much dust build-up is possible. Typically dust accumulates between the gaps and in the corners.

Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to quickly remove dust. Furthermore, choose portable vacuum cleaners that run on a battery. It means you can clean outdoor furniture without the hassle of running power to the garden.

3.   Use soap and water

Next, you need to clean using good old-fashioned water and soap. Use a large rag that can hold a lot of water. Pour water into your bucket and add soap. Put the rag into the water and begin wiping the leather bench. Furthermore, there is no need to scrub hard. Water and soap help make light work of the cleaning process. Finally, get a fresh mixture of water when it gets too dirty. 

Don’t make the mistake of using chemicals instead of soap. You can end up doing damage to the leather bench, which can’t be repaired. Once you’ve washed the bench dry it thoroughly. Leaving it out in the sun or windy weather does the trick quickly.

4.   Use alcohol for tough stains

You can apply alcohol when tough stains won’t go away after steps 1 to 3. Get a cotton swab for dipping. Rub the affected area and you should begin to see the stains wearing away from the leather. Removing the stains won’t require much force. Again, let the alcohol do all the work as rubbing too hard can damage dated benches. 

Rubbing alcohol on leather is a commonly used strategy for getting rid of tough stains. However, there is no need to rub the entire leather furniture unit with alcohol. Only apply it to the areas of the outdoor leather bench that has tough stains.

5.   Apply leather cream

The final step of the cleaning process should be to apply leather cream. It moisturizes the leather, which keeps it from cracking and looking dated. This cream helps in dry climates. Also, you don’t have to apply it frequently - once a month should do the trick.

Maintenance tips

Take care of your leather outdoor bench to rescue the amount of cleaning required. You can do a few things to reduce the chances of nasty stains building up and ruining your outdoor leather furniture. 

  • Keep pets away

Don’t let pets on your leather furniture. The scratch marks that inevitably accumulate cannot be removed using the cleaning tips in this article. When sitting on the leather bench have the pet on your lap, so they never make direct contact with the bench.

Also, you could use a blanket when your pets are around. It allows you to use the bench with the pet without worrying about scratch marks. However, use a thick one to avoid the claws getting through the fabric and causing scratch marks.

  • Drinks and food

When having a snack or a glass of wine on the leather bench be careful to avoid spills. It can take just a few drops to damage the visual aesthetics of your bench for good. Again, you can use a blanket to cover the furniture when eating to avoid the stress of worrying if you are going to drop or spill food.  

  • Strategic placement

You’ll want to avoid placing the leather bench in locations where it dries out faster. For example, next to a fireplace or out in the sunlight. Placing the bench within reach of a tree’s shade is a great idea.

Also, place the bench in storage when not in use to avoid sunlight drying it out. Investing in a portable plastic shed is handy if you don’t have alternative means of storage.  

  • Cuts and scratches

It’s possible to repair some cuts and scratches if you seek the help of professionals. Don’t repair yourself because you are likely to damage the leather bench. Professionals are able to use specialized equipment and techniques to repair scratches.

Final thoughts

Cleaning your black leather bench helps maintain the original look for many years after purchase. Regular maintenance ensures you can enjoy a clean and pleasant sitting experience in your garden. Using the 5 simple steps above you can keep the bench dirt-free.

The entire cleaning job can be done using household items and won’t take more than 10-15 minutes from start to finish. With simple maintenance to retain a stylish look, black leather benches are a good investment for any home. They blend well with most interior decor designs and offer a super soft sitting experience.