Indoor Bench 101: Your Guide To Buying and Maintaining One

An indoor bench is a great addition to your home sitting needs. Sharing a space with a loved one is an excellent way to spend your time. They’re perfect for home use or on an indoor patio. However, you need to choose the right one so it matches your preferences.

Also, figuring out how to maintain the bench ensures it looks great years after purchase. Are you looking for a good quality bench and need help choosing one? This blog post will save you time and help you make the right choice. Learn the valuable insights that enable you to save money and choose the best design.

Top 5 bench buying factors

Choosing the best bench means you need to consider the cost, design, materials, colors, and shape. Picking out the best option can seem like a daunting task, but it’ll become a breeze with the correct information. Keep reading to learn what factors you may consider when purchasing an indoor bench.

1.   Budget

The quality of the bench depends on the price range. High-value benches use premium materials that will last longer, feel better, and look nicer. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a bench to get an amazing sitting experience.

Perhaps a simple design that gets the job done is more than enough for you. Basic wood types don’t cost a lot but can be just as sturdy as the premium price range. In most cases, substantial price jumps occur when using rarer materials. This does not mean the bench will last longer but will have a more stylish design.

Furthermore, don’t go for the cheapest options because the quality won’t be as good. Simple changes in the build will make the bench last a lot longer. Factors such as wood type, stitching, and cushion material do have an impact on longevity. Therefore, going cheap may actually be expensive since you’ll have to buy a new bench sooner.

2.   Design

The design of the bench should impact the decision you make. You’ll be looking at it daily, so why not go for something stylish? You may want to go with built-in cushions as they have a more premium feel to them. The only drawback is washing the cushions can become a bit of a chore.

Rounded edges are ideal for safety reasons, but sharp edges have a strong look to them. Overall, the shapes and sizes of the bench come in many forms, which means you’ll have an abundance of options to choose from.

3.   Material

Going with the best material in a wooden bench is ideal because you want the furniture to be long-lasting. Purchasing a cheap option for it to wear down in a couple of months can become more expensive – you’ll end buying a replacement sooner than you’d like. Therefore, going with a higher-priced product is ideal for build quality and longevity.

  • Teak

Teak is a tropical hardwood that will last a long time. It’s naturally water-resistant and incredibly durable. Although the price is high, the longevity is well worth it.

  • Cypress

Cypress is exceptionally durable because its rot and water-resistant. Therefore, it’s suitable for building home furniture that will last. Generally, it’s used for building piers, bridges, and boats, which gives you an indication of practicality and longevity.

  • Redwood

Redwood is a fantastic building material, especially for indoor benches. It contains a chemical inside that protects itself against insects, rotting, and water. It will last far longer than any other wood when exposed to harsh weather. Therefore, your bench can be used outside too.

  • Ipe

Ipe is an outstanding material if you’re looking for something that will last for decades. It’s one of the finest and exotic woods available. The wood is naturally resistant to rot and decay. Also, it’s eight times harder than Redwood, which tells you how strong this material really is.

4.   Color

Nowadays, color is an essential factor when selecting new furniture to place in your home. You’d want the bench to match the home décor, so it doesn’t stand out. High-quality stores offer colors in several variations, so there are options for all customers. There are two primary colorways you can go for:

  • Light colors: If you want to brighten up your home, then lighter colors are the best variation. The bench will stand out, especially if you use vibrant colors. Keep in mind that the color should still somewhat match the style of your room.
  • Dark Colors: Picking a darker color has its benefits. The bench will stand out without taking the attention from other aspects of your room. Also, unique colorways such as a dark bench and light cushions will surely impress your guests.

5.   Shape

The shape of the bench should factor in your final decision. The curves and straights are what determine how comfortable it will be. Backrests with a bigger angle of curvature mean that you’ll be able to rest back and enjoy the experience. However, having a straight 90-degree angle bench is better for your back but can become a nuisance afterward.

The length also matters because if you have a large family, perhaps getting a more extended bench is an aspect you should look into.

Bench types

There are a variety of bench types to consider so you are spoilt for choice. Each one brings a different experience and offers advantages when used in a specific way. Learn about the types that are a good match with your desired use.

  • Curved

Choosing a curved bench is a good choice if you want to add a different look to your home. Curved furniture does not add practicality to the furniture but can be a nice addition if you’re going for a curved theme.

However, this furniture type can take up more space, so it’s not the best choice if you have limited room. It depends on the other furniture around the bench. For example, it might be a better fit if you have a curved sofa.

  • Straight

Straight units are the most common and can fit in most spaces. Choosing a straight bench is a good choice if you don’t like wavy furniture. The simplicity of the basic furniture type allows you to match more stuff around the bench.

However, you may want to opt for rounded edges in case you have children in the home. That’s because units with sharp edges will be painful for kids after impact.

  • Leather

Investing in a leather bench offers numerous advantages. Firstly, this material type generally has a premium feel. It’s also very comfortable, which means you’ll be relaxed and can enjoy the sitting experience for hours.

The downside is that leather can peel and it is not much you can do to stop the process. However, you can repair the peeling leather to prolong the life of the unit. There are different leather types, so you can choose one that’s harder to touch but less prone to peeling.

  • Wooden

Wooden benches are easier to maintain because the surfaces tend to last longer than the leather ones. If you’re keeping the bench indoors, then there shouldn’t be an issue with negative weathering effects.

However, wood-based furniture tends to be less comfortable, so you may want to buy cushions as an accessory. It allows you to mix up the visual look of the bench. Some wooden benches come with a leather top section. These look great visually and you get the added comfort of the leather feeling.

  • Long benches

You may want to choose a long bench that provides seating space for several people. These are ideal for social gatherings around a big table. Longer benches are more expensive and heavier. You’ll also need to make sure that they can fit within the designated space.

Bench placement

Before buying a bench you may want to think about where it will be placed. This will help you decide on the bench characteristics such as size and style. For example, if you have limited room, then a smaller bench is better. You may want to get a tape measure out and measure the available room. Next, look at the product description to find a unit that matches the dimensions you need.

Take a look around the room where the bench will be housed. Pay attention to the interior décor and especially other furniture units. Try to find a bench that can blend in or is a good contrast to existing furniture.

Wooden and black leather benches are a good choice for most interior décor types. Sticking with these options is a safe bet if you don’t want to choose a bench that doesn’t stick out.

Backrest vs no backrest

Selecting a bench without a backrest will save space because you can place them in tighter spaces. Also, they are generally more expensive because they require extra material to be used during the manufacturing process.

Benches with a backrest are more comfortable because you can lean back and relax. It also helps you maintain good posture while sitting. Therefore, backrests are best for instances where you might be seated for a long time.

General bench maintenance tips

Maintaining your bench to “as new” condition is easier than you think. You need to consider the material type when planning what maintenance strategy to use. We will be examining the maintenance tips for wooden and leather units.

Maintenance for wood benches

  • Spills

When facing spills on the wood you need to clean it up immediately. Even more so when the drink in question is carbonated. That’s because the drink will stain the wood and removing those stains is very difficult. However, you can avoid most of the damage by making an effort to remove the moisture quickly.

  • Water and soap

Use a rag and water to clean the bench on a weekly basis. This prevents a build-up of dirt that becomes difficult to remove. Too much dirt requires a scrubber, so you may need to remove the wood to get rid of the dirt. Avoid this level of maintenance by setting up a weekly cleaning schedule with water and soap.

  • Apply a finish

Once every 6 months, you can apply a finish to the bench. This adds a protective coating that helps prevent damage at the surface. Also, you can mix up the finish to alter the look of the wooden bench. For example, you can switch between a light and dark finish. Experiment with the available options to see what works best. With so many options and wood types, you have a lot of room for experimentation.

  • Don’t use outdoors

Most indoor benches are not suitable for outdoor use. It depends on the wood type and finishes applied to the bench. Weathering effects can damage wood quickly if it’s not meant for the outdoors. Unless you are using the bench for a few hours and taking it back indoors right away, don’t take the risk.

Maintenance for leather benches

  • Repair peeling leather

One of the most common problems with leather benches is peeling. After years of use, the leather will inevitably start to peel. Once it starts the process can be rapid. Within a few months, the bench can turn from usable to ugly-looking.

However, in many cases, you can repair the leather and anyone can complete the job. Start by cutting or trimming the peeled leather so the problem doesn’t get worse. Next, take the opportunity to clean the surface, ensuring no dust and dirt are left behind. It’s important to do a good job so that the substances added in the following section stick.

Finally, apply leather paint or filler. When adding paint you may need to apply it over the entire section of the affected area. Usually, it’s acceptable to paint over the bench completely. With filler, you will need to add small bits at the locations where the leather has peeled off.

  • Regular cleaning

Cleaning leather is a similar process to that of wood. Use water and soap to get rid of the dust or dirt. Tougher stains can come off with alcohol. However, only apply small amounts of dipping alcohol at the affected areas of the bench.

Also, it’s a good idea to use a vacuum cleaner to get the dirt out of the corners. It reduces the amount of scrubbing and physical force you needed to clean. That’s great for avoiding scenarios where too much force is USD and that causes the leather to tear.

  • Placement

It’s important to place the leather bench in locations where extra heat won’t be applied. Heat dries the leather out and that causes it to crack. Therefore, you need to keep it away from direct sunlight, heating elements, and air conditioning units.

  • Apply moisture cream

Invest in moisture cream and add to the leather once every few weeks. It’s important because it helps reduce the intensity and frequency of cracks. Regular application of moisture cream prolongs the life of your leather bench by several years. It’s easier to apply the cream rather than figure out how to repair the unit.

How to choose bench cushions

Adding bench cushions to the sitting experience allows you to be more comfortable and mix up the visual aesthetics. They are inexpensive and come in different styles. Most online stores where you can buy a bench also offer cushions. Therefore, you can purchase everything you need in one checkout process. Read on for bench cushion buying considerations.

  • Covers

Start by considering if you will buy cushions that come with covers or standalone ones. With covers allow you to mix up the look frequently. That’s because you can change from one to the next and they are easier to clean. Simply remove covers and place them in a washing unit. It’s more practical than placing the entire cushion in the washing machine.

  • Several units

It’s a smart idea to buy several cushions because you never know how many are needed. It might take more than one to provide the comfortable sitting experience that you’re looking for. Also, when buying more than one cushion you might save money if the online store is offering a deal.

  • Design

Pick out a design that’s a good match for the bench and interior décor of your home. Opting for bland and simple colors allows you to play it safe. However, brighter tones stand out, which can be the right contrast depending on what other colors are used.

Investing in more than one cushion style allows you to mix up the look of the sitting area. Therefore, buy a couple of designs and try them out to see what works best in practice.

How to choose an online indoor furniture shop

Locating a good quality store that offers a positive shopping experience makes a big difference. With hundreds of stores on the internet, you can find one that offers good prices and quality furniture. Continue reading to understand what you should be looking for in an online shop.

  • Selection

Don’t limit yourself to just a few possible choices. Ideally, there should be at least a few pages of indoor benches to consider. A good selection helps you find the model that’s the right match for your preferences. Also, the bigger stores that offer good prices naturally have a wider selection.

If you can’t find a store with a good choice, then you should spread your consideration among several shops. That way you can also compare similar benches across different shops.

  • Prices

Nowadays, you can find a bargain if you are willing to spend extra time looking for a good deal. Look for stores that offer discounts and promotions. You might be lucky to find an active sale on the bench that you’re looking for.

You can get extra value when buying bundles. For example, the bench you want might come with a cushion or cleaning products, which means you don’t need to buy them separately.

  • User interface

Modern online shopping stores should use cutting-edge software to create good user interfaces. Don’t settle for websites that load slowly and are cumbersome to use. For instance, the option to filter products based on price and type should be available.

You should be able to find the desired products within just a few clicks. Also, a functional search is handy that auto-populates as you type the product name. Fierce online competition has improved website functionality, so shop at one that has a great setup.

  • Product descriptions

Making good buying decisions requires detailed and accurate product descriptions. You can’t inspect the bench physically as you would do at the shopping mall. Therefore, you are relying on the info that’s presented on the screen.

Good product descriptions include information such as size, material, special features, shipping details, returns policy, and design philosophy. Also, you need to have high-resolution images that allow you to visualize the product. There should be a function to zoom in on the product so you can have a better look.

  • Warranty information

Look for a good warranty deal with your bench purchase. The details will be available in the product description. You’re looking for the warranty length and type of damage covered. Extended warranties indicate that the brand has confidence in the product it has brought to market.

Final thoughts

Choosing an indoor bench that offers an inviting sitting experience is a fun process. You get to decide on the size, design, and material. Also, there is something available for all budgets. The goal is to match up the bench features with your desired use. It’s not too hard with the wide selection at hand.

Overall, indoor benches are a good addition to any home. They can be used in a variety of ways and will last for years. Start looking for one today to upgrade the available sitting space in your home.